Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I book my shoot?

A: We can arrange details over the phone, by email, or at an in-person consultation.When you are ready to officially book, you will need to put down a $50 retainer deposit to hold your time slot. Your balance will not be due until the day of your shoot.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: For retainers I accept all major credit cards, check or money order, cash, or PayPal payments. For the session balance at the time of the session I accept only card or cash.


Q: How long after the shoot until I can see my gallery?

A: It normally takes about 10 days after your shoot for me to go through all of your images and get them edited to perfection. As soon as your images are ready, you will receive an email with your link and password. This gallery is where you will go to place your orders for prints, canvases, and digitals, and it will be available to you for ordering for one month.


Q: Is there anything I need to do or fill out prior to my shoot?

A: I do have a photo consent form that needs to be filled out and signed prior to me picking up my camera and shooting. It basically is a release saying that it is okay for me to photograph you and put photographs online, and if anyone is injured I am not liable. 


Q: Where is your studio?

A: My studio is in Henderson off of Boulder Highway and Sunset Road.


Q: Do I need to bring props?

A: No. While you are more than welcome to bring a special object you would like in the photographs, I am well equipped with a good number of props for newborns, babies, and small children.


Q: Can I change outfits?

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring an outfit change for you or your child. Please see session info pages or contact me for number of outfits.


Q: Does it cost more to shoot on-location?

A: It depends. The session fees are the same for both studio and outdoor sessions, however, there is a small travel fee of $10 for every 10 miles that I need to travel. If you select a location that is within 10 miles of me, then no travel fee applies. In addition, some locations require a fee to shoot on site.


Q: What should my family wear to our shoot?

A: Consider what colors you want to see hanging on your wall and what will match your home environment. I suggest selecting a couple of complimentary colors and coordinating throughout the group. Layering is excellent, and accessories and texture add more visual appeal. Avoid tops with large text or images. And unless you are going for a specific theme (sports, winter, etc), you will also want to avoid bulky attire, such as hoodies, sweats, thick coats, etc. 


Q: What should I and my newborn wear to our newborn shoot?

A: For parents, I recommend wearing solid white tops with khakis or long-sleeve solid black tops with dark pants or jeans. For baby, his or her birthday suit is the way to go! We want to see all those fabulous little newborn wrinkles! Prior to your photo shoot, dress your baby in something loose and comfy, loosen the diaper a tad, and don't put on socks. We want to avoid having any clothing creases on baby's skin. I do have plenty of little accessories for babies to wear if desired.


Q: What is the best age for newborn portraits?

A: Newborns are not newborns for long! To successfully capture true newborn photos, we will need to do the session within the first two weeks, and most ideally within 5 to 10 days old. Beyond two weeks old, babies become much more alert and chubby, making newborn poses difficult to achieve. Plus two to three weeks is also around the time in which baby acne will start to appear, and some babies can start to develop issues such as acid reflux or colic. So fresh is best!


Q: Can we do family / sibling photos during my newborn session?

A: While the newborn session is primarily for only the newborn, I gladly welcome immediate family members to join us for a few portraits with the new baby. 


Q: Should I come in for newborn portraits before or after my son's circumcision?

A: Definitely before! If your son was recently circumsized we will not be able to remove his diaper for photos or lay him on his tummy, plus he will likely be extra fussy. If you do decide to circumsize him before taking photos, I will ask you to wait at least five days for him to heal before coming in.


Q: Is there anything important I should bring along with me for my child / baby?

A: It is always good to have a snack for littles ones, a small and quickly eaten treat that won't dirty faces. I would suggest a bottle or sippie cup for babies, Cheerios or Fruit Puffs for toddlers, and perhaps fruit snacks or fishy crackers for small children. Sometimes a favorite toy of theirs that I can hold above my camera works well too for capturing their attention and encouraging a smile. For newborns, bring plenty of bottles or plan on nursing. Pacifiers are amazing tools, and I highly recommend bringing one for the session even if you don't use it much at home. I also suggest bringing a comfy blanket for your baby and a little brush if baby has a lot of hair.